• On the local level. At a national scale

    Republic Valuations is the only appraiser capable of offering localized, territorial insights throughout the United States.

  • Local, but never limited. National, but never franchised.

    All our offices are managed directly by HQ leadership. Each site visit is performed by an appraiser with deep local knowledge. Every appraisal must meet our obsessive standards.

  • Done by experts. Made possible by ai

    Time matters, but so does human insight. Without real expertise, a machine-generated appraisal can present financial risk.

  • Our model combines tech’s efficiencies with human decision making.

    The result is all the speed, accuracy, reliability and bankable data you expect from a Republic appraisal. And thanks to extended staff, we are always available to serve you

Making decisions informed

If a property is appraisable, we’ll get it done: Accurately.
Reliably. Right away.