Raising appraising standards.

Republic Valuations is a full-service real estate appraisal and consultancy firm offering localized insights throughout the majority of the US.

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Making Decisions InformedTM

For over two decades, Republic Valuations has partnered with financial institutions, real estate investors, estate planners and property owners to identify and document the full, honest value in each property.

Beyond algorithmic software or generic comps, we fuse local understanding, specialized expertise and national infrastructure, applying these strengths to each property on a thorough and case-by-case basis.

The Republic's Constitution

Turn findings into financial guidance

We understand that we sell a tool, not a product.

Our insights and evaluations help shape financial decisions for the long term. So we leverage our specialties to inform the most sensible, profitable corporate action. Especially in situations where others are unable to arrive at a sound conclusion.

Keep boots on the ground

In today's tech world, we could use robo-tools or compromise with virtual site visits.

But we know that our clients know the difference. So we insist on real, local, human representation in every single territory we serve.

Tell the full truth, and nothing but

Sometimes, real value is hidden. Or presumed value is nonexistent. Our job is uncovering the truth.

We promise clients the basis of real data and honest equity. We never embellish what isn't there-or miss what is. Every i dotted. Every t crossed. Zero corners cut.

Expertise you can count on.

  • 55000+ Reports
  • $5 Billion+ Appraised Annually
  • 20+ Appraisers & Tax Professionals
  • 30+ Years Experience


Victor Schlesinger

Founder & President

For over 25 years, Victor Schlesinger has served clients nationwide as a real estate appraiser, arbitrator, consultant in the fields of real estate and urban economics, property tax assessment appealer, and mortgage loans advisor. He has conducted numerous real estate appraisals of foodservice properties, research and development buildings, industrial facilities, retail complexes, shopping centers, hospitality compounds, multifamily projects, condominiums, and vacant land.

Victor is an Associate Member of the Appraisal Institute, and is licensed as a New York State Certified General Real Estate appraiser. His real estate appraisal expertise is focused on urban/suburban buildings, development projects, and raw land, including appraisal and valuation of leasehold, leased fee, and other real estate interests.

Victor frequently provides litigation support, and serves as an expert witness in court as well as in private arbitration proceedings. He also acts as either a neutral or party arbitrator in resolving matters of real estate values, rents, and related issues of contest. He has been qualified as a real estate appraisal expert and provided testimony in the New York court system and in the Federal United States Courts. He also lectures and publishes guidance on various facets of real estate analysis, arbitration, and market research.

Republic Valuations, the company Victor founded over three decades ago, continues to be regarded as one of the nation’s finest real estate appraisal and consulting firms. Republic Valuations employs a large team of Certified General Appraisers, MAIs, and Associate Appraisers licensed in most of the continental US, all working in unison to deliver reliable appraisals to a mostly institutional client base.

Under Victor’s auspices as President, the firm continues to provide valuation and consulting services on many complex and standard property types throughout the nation.

  • Fishel Schlesinger

    Chief Executive Officer

    A longtime certified general appraiser and an astute serial entrepreneur, Fishel has developed some of the most innovative ideas underpinning Republic’s success. Leveraging his kaleidoscopic background in real estate ownership, construction, development, and management, he grew the company from its mom-and-pop roots to its current status as a thriving national business. All projects continue to benefit from his out-of-the-box thinking, full-spectrum perspective, and straightforward decision-making. More than anyone, Fishel has enabled Republic to adapt, grow, and lead in a rapidly changing marketplace.

  • Meir Spitzer

    Chief Operating Officer

    Bringing over a decade of valuable industry experience to the table, Meir serves as the trusted mediator between all stakeholders, including clients, teams, regulators, institutions, and others. His legendary determination and tenacity drive our company’s ability to move mountains and execute on the impossible. Under his leadership, Republic has developed an acclaimed system of communication and organization that keeps our nationwide operations humming. His effective process for prioritizing and structuring our deadline-prone workload enables us to offer our famous localized service on a national scale.

  • Regev Hindi MAI, AI-GRS

    Director of Compliance and Quality Control

    Regev channels his impressive credentials and peerless hands-on experience into new protocols, rigorous training, and invaluable guidance for the entire Republic team. Driven, detail-oriented, and always innovative, he applies his vast and nuanced knowledge of appraisals across all asset classes, enabling the accuracy and compliance of our most complex valuations. His unparalleled ability to nail feasibility studies empower our company to develop original methods and implement proprietary protocols not seen even at competitors twice our company’s size.

  • Moshe Weisz

    Director of IT

    In his capacity as our director of information and technology, Moshe has spearheaded our most innovative technological initiatives, including the development of our custom AI application, ValuFlow. A rare man with talents in technology and advanced appraisal expertise, Moshe is one of Republic’s stronger assets. He brings an unprecedented perspective to our work, enabling us to serve our clients more quickly and effectively, while consistently working to advance our key company strategies.

  • Michael Newman

    Financial Controller

    Michael is a thoroughbred numbers person who harbors an appreciation for operations. He leads our company’s financial oversight with integrity and skill, leveraging many years of industry-specific experience. He also works with other team leaders to maintain and provide accurate, organized financial records to better support our finance department. Michael further applies his understanding to the development of our most crucial internal financial control policies and procedures—and plays a pivotal role in their implementation.


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